Well that was a mouthful.

Welcome to my new blog. I have done this a few times on and off, always for different reasons… and this time is no different! I wanted to find a way to publicly publish me, and WordPress was another platform that I hadn’t leapt into yet!

Why would we want to read about you? I hear you ask. Well that’s a quaint question, querier from the quiet queue of quality quandidates! The short answer is: You probably don’t. Ultimately, WordPress is a platform designed for a range of media, which is what I produce. If you’ve enjoyed my YouTube channel, my Instagram posts, my Twitter, Tumblr or blogs in the past, or my writing in this here post, stick around, coz it’s just going to be more of that. Alternatively, if my productions haven’t piqued a progressive pleasure in my postings, please pleasanty and presently part as you will probably be pained by my persistence and prevalence in producing similar posts.

And with that, I will say that my WordPress is going to be a constantly evolving and changing step into my every day life, including frustratingly unfinished stories, my views on the world of tech and what it will mean for the world, and disgusting romanticisms aimed almost exclusively at either my beuatiful wife or Zac Efron.

Hope you enjoy!



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