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Let’s all learn to learn.

I do not presume to know what I do not know…

-Some person, probably

The basis for the Socratic Paradox, Plato’s Socrates had it right. Or at least that is the way it seems in the Wikipedia page I just looked up.

Here’s the thing though… We all do this. We are all experts on something. Humankind is really cool like that. the things that I know a lot about, you may not have any knowledge on, and vice-versa. When it comes to watching experts discuss what they are experts in, I am fascinated. I love to listen to someone who has spent so much of their life learning about something, that they are able to impart knowledge straight from their brain. They are effectively condensing, for me, their years of study and accumulated learning, in the hopes that I can understand it and be passionate about it in any way that resembles their own passion.

That is our nature. We want to share things. Call me the ever-optimistic Ravenclaw, but I want to be shared with. I want to hear about passions and fears (two things that tend to juxtapose one another as far as research is concerned). I want to learn from anybody and everybody. I want to have my beliefs challenged, and challenge the beliefs of others. I want to be surprised by the little old lady that is amazing at beat-boxing, or the biker who is amazing at crochet. I want to know what you know about the things that you know.

I think, if I had a super power, I would want it to be something to do with learning and knowledge. Absorbing the knowledge from any book I read, or watching someone do something and be able to do it myself. I think a lifetime of learning is a prerequisite for experiencing a lifetime and I don’t think we need degrees to take on the role of a teacher in our everyday lives.

I hope this post has inspired you to share something that you are an expert on, as I would love to hear all about it. Please comment if you have time.